Although I am a trained researcher, I am only an amateur genealogist. I started researching my family while finishing my graduate work at the University of Utah and working in downtown Salt Lake City. I found more than I thought I would, but far less than what I had hoped for.

I have decided to put what I had found on the web for a few reasons. First, my husband bought the Partain domain for me as a present that I shall always treasure (and, in case you are wondering, we do not intend to let our licence lapse, and we are not interested in selling it -- sorry!). Second, I wanted my immediate family to have access to their history and all of the pictures I have collected. Third, I could think of no better incentive to organize and document my research than to put it all on a web page for the entire world to see. And finally, I am hoping that I can find others who may be related or be able to help me where I have hit brick walls.

Before entering into my family lineage pages, please take a minute to read the following notes:

Out of respect for my living family members their information will not appear on any charts unless I have their permission.
I am in no way connected to any organized religion/church which uses genealogy for church purposes.
Please feel free to E-mail me at if I can help you with your search or if you have information which might be helpful to me in my search.


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